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Aamhi - Marathi ( Marathi Aamchi Maayboli) [This Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts] | | Topics
Aamchi MumbaiViews: 308
Feb 06, 2008 8:23 pm re: Aamchi Marathi Mumbai!!!!

Uday Kalgaonkar
Hi ,
The message from Ashish is nothing else than the example of Mental Bankcurrpacy , Making too much statements (rather conclusion) with the little knowladge of history . And you are questioning the role of Marathi's and Maratha in Mumbai's History .
Let me revise recent history (last 500 years)and provide you the correct facts .
Mumbai consists seven islands.
1. Isle of Bombay
2. Colaba
3. Little Colaba or Old Woman's Island
4. Mahim
5. Mazagaon
6. Parel
7. Worli
Out of which Mahim and Colaba islands were consistantly ruled by Maratha's . About Rest 5 were presented as dowary(Aandan) from portuguese to English.In 16 th to 19 th century Mumbai was mostly base of English (They were not really ruling in India)and they were largely dependent on Maratha's . They have consistantly paying taxes to Shivaji Maharaj and later Sambhaji Raje .
[For your kind information, Shivaji Maharaj imposed heavy taxes on English for the trade of slaves and later Shambhu Maharaj completely stopped them].
Geographically Mumbai islands were close to the district Thane [Greater Mumbai was the part of Thane.] and Raigad and Most of the times Thane was the part of Maratha empire and raigad was the Capital of Maratha's . From 16th century Kalyan was the Naval base of Maratha Navy .
The role of English particularly was very much limited in the western coast of India until the Angre army defeated by joint attack from Peshwas and English. Till that defeat the role of English was limited as traders only and they were very small naval force after Portuguese , Siddhi , Arab and above all Angre Navy.
About Portuguse , The worst ever attack faced by Portuguese in the entire history [portuguese government document still says that] was from Maratha's lead by Shambhu Maharaj . Maratha's literally conqured 80- 90% of the portuguese region . Portuguese were prepared themselves to run away from India and Maratha left the land because of the sudden attack from the Aurangjeb. Even the Portuguese governer scribbled in his diary . We have survived in India just because of the 'God's grace' . I would like to add Shambhu Maharaj were making hard negotations to buy Mumbai Island's and was even thinking to conquer it but the heavy attack from Aurangjeb couldnt complete this another dream of great Shambhu Maharaj.
Now lets consider it social facts about Mumbai. The native residents of Mumbai are Koli and Aagri (Both are Marathi's from the origin). Later lots of Parshi's , Gujrathis and other Marathi's travelled to Mumbai after English Dominance because it was the economical and trading hub for Mumbai . But most of the population was Marathi .
My respected friend i would also like to tell you that things like if's and but's never considered in History . i can say If Shambhu maharaj were not caught and killed by Aurangjeb then Maratha's would be running this Entire country . But it will not be considered .
Mumbai was the home for the Agressive congress movement particularly lead by Bal Gangadhar Tilak(Marathi) and later Soft congress movement Gandhiji (The political career of Mahatma Gandhi is started from Mumbai,Pune. That too with the support of Marathis particularly (Tilak and Gokhle ) .
One of the greatest turning point of India's Independent history and 1942 Bharat Chodo Aandolan was the strike of the labourers of Textile Mills and Mumbai Port , where majority of the labourers were Marathi .
In 1950's when the seperation of the Mumbai state into Maharashtra sorry Sanyukt(United) Maharashtra was on the peak . Formation of state was being done according to linguistic population and technically Mumbai was belonging to Maharashtra because most of the Poupulation in Mumbai (at that times) were Marathi . Central Govenrment was looking to appease Gujrathis by making it as a seperate territory. but the plan was early identified by finance Minister C D Deshmukh , he resigned and all the atomsphere in Maharashtra heated up . Sanukta Maharashtra Samiti is formed by Mr. P.K. Atre . Congress lost most of the elections in Maharashtra . After the saddest part of the history of Mumbai (104 protester were killed in Gun Fire). 20 of them were even Non Marathi's (That means even non marathis were approving Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra) center finally approved the State of Maharashtra with the capital of Mumbai.
From 1960's and onwards , I never remember that Central Govenment (or Any other's government is ) financially participating for Mumbai . Mumbai's all the infrastructure and Security is managed by Govt. of Maharashra . For that they have spent billions of rupees of largely tax paid by Marathi and Maharashrian people . (Note : Maharashra is the highest tax paying state in the country) .
I do agree that Bihar is rich in the natural resources . But Maharashtra's economical participation is the biggest in India (Noone could question that) in terms of Service Industry , Mining , Trade , agriculture . So you need to agree that Maharashtra has done too much more than Bihar but i bet you that funds provided by the Central govenments to Bihar are heavier than Maharashtra. If still Bihar and Cow belt cant progress despite they had most of the Prime Minister's in India (Thanks to politicians like Laloo) it is not Maharashtra's and Marthi people's fault .
Mumbai is capital of Mahrashtra and Maharashtra is the (most)contributing state in India so people apart from Maharashtra can come in Mumbai and they can have full rights on Mumbai as a citizen of India but finally they have no right to tamper the Marathi culture of Mumbai and Maharashtrians [that is according to section 106c India ]. So the silly demands of the cow belt politicions like all the governmental work should be done in Hindi or Marathi Name plates should not be compulsory or Mumbai should be seperate state will not be entertained by Marathis in Maharashtra.
If you want to ask the current contribution of Maharashtra in Mumbai is , Whole Mahrashtra other than Mumbai is in dark why? Because this financial Capital of India is needs a power support to keep it going.Why dont centre and cow belt is participating by sending power to Mumbai ? When it comes to rights Mumbai is cosmopolitian when it comes to expenses its Govt of Maharashtra's (Marathi's) responsibility . These are shear double standards .
Again , I do criticize the attacks on the poor labourers by Raj . But all the cow belt politicions should understand Marathi's has done most for the Mumbai and they have the First and cultural right over Mumbai .

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